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Indian’s death sentence revoked in drug charges Fatwa dept chief fined

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: The Court of Appeals revoked a death sentence issued against an Indian woman, acquitting her of smuggling drugs into the country. According to the case files, detective officer Abdulaziz Al-Kandari conducted secret investigations after receiving a tipoff about an Indian woman suspected of acquiring and possessing narcotic substances for selling.

After confirming the information and receiving a warrant from the Public Prosecution, the detective searched the suspect’s residence and found a black paper bag containing narcotic substances and a weighing machine under her bed.

During interrogations, the suspect confessed that she smuggled the drugs from India through Kuwait International Airport, adding that the drugs found in her room was worth almost KD 1 million. Investigations by the Public Prosecution revealed that the suspect is a widow and has children. She works in a hospital during the day and as a supervisor in a children’s nursery in the evening.

The suspect explained that she rented a place to stay for KD 70 but the Bangladeshi caretaker of the building agreed to pay KD 35 of the rent if she took care of some of his items. The defense attorney Mohammad Al-Kandari said the Public Prosecution failed to conduct immediate forensics at the place of incident to identify the real owner of the items that were found inside the suspect’s room where it was locked inside a briefcase.

He stressed that it is not logical for his client to have a consignment worth KD 1 million in her possession for five months without attempt to sell it, pointing out that she works two shifts to fend for her family. He insisted that it was impossible for her to smuggle the drugs through Kuwait International Airport due to the presence of sophisticated devices at the airport that are used for catching drug smugglers.

 Chief fined: The Administration Court ordered the Director of Fatwa and Legislation Department and Director of Legal Department at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to pay a fine of KD 100 each for failing to present its defense in a case filed by Lawyer Bassam Al-Asousi against the ‘Islah Social Society’ and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Al-Asousi requested for the dissolution and liquidation of the society as it violated its establishment principles and objectives by interfering with political issues. The court will look into the case on 28th of December 2013.

According to the case files, Lawyer Al-Asousi stressed that HH the Prime Minister was the one with the authority to dissolve such societies like how he dissolved the ‘Istiqlal Club’ and ‘Cultural Society’. However, he wondered why the Premier did not take any action against the Islah Social Society and implement the law as he did on others. He said the role of public utility societies is known, and has nothing to do with the country’s politics. He revealed that the Islah Social Society had announced that its members will boycott the elections based on the Constitutional Court’s ruling, stressing that such announcements are in violation of the society’s functions. He affirmed that the society issued statements and articles about the situation inside and outside the country. Lawyer Al-Asousi proved this by presenting to the court the society’s statements regarding the events in Syria and Mali. He added that the society collected donations under the pretext of ‘Zakat’ despite the fact that it is not authorized to gather ‘Zakat’ in this country.

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