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Experts call for formation of technocrat government ‘No discrimination or partiality’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: A number of economic experts have asked for the formation of a technocrat government without any discrimination or partiality, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. They said the new government must have a clear vision and should be efficient in helping the national economy so that the country achieves prosperity.

They indicated that repeated resignations of the government will not serve the national economy, as it will negatively influence the direction of the development as well as the progress of the projects initiated by the current ministers. They demanded for efficient ministers who can take decisions courageously as well as confront interpellations and disprove them efficiently. The economic experts said some authorities will take advantage of the government’s resignation for the negotiations of certain shares in the Bourse.

They stressed that removing a government and bringing in another one without changing the ideology of the government is not an effective method because the government must be capable of meeting the requirements of the current and coming political phases as well as the ambitions of the citizens. Meanwhile, Najla Al-Naqqi Cultural Forum held a seminar titled ‘The New Political Developments’ on Sunday.

A number of politicians, economic experts and law experts participated in the seminar, reports Al-Anba daily. Professor of Political Sciences at Kuwait University Dr Shamlan Al-Issa said the problem is not with the ministers but with the government’s ideology, insisting that its ideology should be developed. He said he wondered if the government will be able to change its ideology in the coming phase.

He also stressed the need for handling the important pending cases such as the health, education and housing problems, reiterating that the country needs some serious reforms. Regarding the political opposition in the country, Dr Al-Issa said the popular political group failed because it refused to change its ideology and cope with the latest developmental changes and youth suggestions.

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