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‘Neither GCC states nor Kuwait ready for political party system’ ‘Fix imbalance’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: Neither the GCC countries nor Kuwait are ready for the political party system, chairperson of Higher Consultative Committee for Implementation of Sharia Dr Khalid Al- Mathkour told Al- Watan Arabic daily. He is of the view that the party system does not defy Islamic Sharia, as long as the political parties are not against the principles of Islam. He noted political parties should not be established for personal or tribal interests.

Meanwhile, freedoms granted in Kuwait are better than those of many Arab countries, he added, indicating Kuwait enjoys democracy and multiplicity monitored by Constitution and the National Assembly. Also, the government would form the majority according to its program if a political party system is announced. In that case, the Prime Minister will be selected from the majority but it’s too early for a majority government in Kuwait, he stressed. He indicated Kuwait already has political parties such as the Brotherhood, Salafists, and Liberals, although they are not constitutionally organized or official. Meanwhile, many politicians, officials and authorities consider the lopsided demographic structure of the country a perplexing issue as it remains a hot topic in various media outlets; yet no plausible solution has been presented until now, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

Statistical reports have shown that two-thirds of the population consists of foreigners while the citizens constitute only a third. However, there have been discrepancies in the figures announced by government agencies as if they live in isolated islands. Many MPs have stressed the need to fix the population imbalance, which they consider a major factor in the deterioration of governmental services. Some MPs have also accused the government of neglecting the issue for more than three decades and this might have prompted the executive authority to address the problem by punishing the visa traders without taking into consideration the damage caused by these people to the country.

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