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HH the Amir received with the attendance of HH the Crown Prince, the NA Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem and the parliamentary delegation

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: The Constitutional Court confirmed Monday the constitutionality of the incumbent Parliament; hence, it will complete the four-year term. The court also annulled the membership of MPs Maasouma Al-Mubarak and Osama Al-Tahous and reinstated former MPs Abdul-Hameed Dashti and Nabil Al-Fadel.

National Assembly Speaker Marzouk Al-Ghanem congratulated the lawmakers and the people of Kuwait for the ‘historic’ ruling of the Constitutional Court, which dismissed petitions against the results of the last legislative elections. He affirmed also that he has been officially notified on the resignation of the Cabinet, so it will not attend Tuesday’s session which will be adjourned until Jan 7, 2013. He said the committees will continue their work despite the government’s resignation.

Asked about the wave of interpellations delaying discussions on the priorities of the country; he said that from henceforth, special sessions will be scheduled for deliberations on grilling requests. He stressed the legislature belongs to the people and then he appealed to everyone to give it a chance to imprive. Meanwhile, several MPs expressed satisfaction over the court ruling and urged HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak to appoint ministers who have the ability to work with the Parliament, not those proven to have committed mistakes or violations.

The lawmakers also expressed regret over losing Al-Mubarak and Al-Tahous whom they described as honest and hardworking, while wishing them luck on their future endeavors. They then congratulated Dashti and Al-Fadel for joining the Assembly; hoping that from this day on, Kuwait shall witness political stability, especially after suffering from a series of political instability and setbacks. MP Hussein Al-Quwaian believes Constitutional Court’s ruling confirmed the legitimacy and constitutionality of the Parliament. He said, “This is a clear indication that we need to work and cooperate with the government to realize the aspirations of the citizens who have been clamoring for the development of their country. We also reiterate calls for a ministerial reshuffle and the formation of a government ready to accept accountability.” MP Faisal Al-Kandari asserted the Parliament must focus on national development through the ratification of laws deemed beneficial to the nation, instead of looking back. “Today, no one has any excuse not to work for the benefit of the nation. On this day, Kuwait was reborn,” he added.

MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah thanked MP Yakoub Al-Sanei, who is also a lawyer and led the defense team for the Parliament. “We respect the court verdict. We will begin a new parliamentary work in a harmonious environment and we look forward to having a strong government with the ability to handle issues,” he said Asserting the court ruling was clear and paved the way for the Parliament to move towards development and stability, Al-Zalzalah said, “We have been suffering from political instability for quite a long time due to the irrational opposition.

We want a government that extends a hand of cooperation to the National Assembly.” MP Nabil Al-Fadel thinks political stability is now possible due to the court ruling. He urged the government and Assembly to take advantage of the situation in order to achieve the development goals of the country. While stressing that his victory belongs to the people who voted for him, Al-Fadel expressed regret over losing Al-Mubarak due to her years of experience and Al-Tahous because of his honest performance in the Parliament. On the resignation of the government, Al-Fadel explained the ministers submitted their resignation for the premier to decide on the fate of his Cabinet. He said this is a common procedure in the Amiri Diwan. He pointed that whoever submitted a grilling request against a minister earlier and now demands for the resignation of the latter cannot impose his will on the Assembly, as it all boils down to a vote - the essence of democracy. He argued MPs do not always demand for the resignation of ministers subjected to interpellations. He disclosed that some ministers also request for interpellations to rectify errors and to clarify accusations.

It can be recalled that the Ministry of Interior reinstated Abdul- Hameed Dashti and Al-Fadel after hearing their petitions against the parliamentary election results in Third Constituency; thereby, replacing Al-Mubarak and Al-Tahous respectively. The ministry’s tally of votes showed that in the First Constituency, Dashti landed on the 10th place with 2,323 votes; while Al- Mubarak came in 11th with 2,317 votes. In the Third Constituency, the results showed that Al- Fadhel came in ninth place with 1,439 votes; AbdulKarim Al-Kandari in 10th with 1,424 votes and Al-Tahous in 11th with 1,284 votes. In the meantime, Dashti said the verdict ended the series of electoral mess that led to the dissolution of the last two assemblies. He added this decision brought joy to the voters as their effort to choose the right candidates on July 27 was not wasted. He thinks the verdict gives the people a glimmer of hope that they will finally experience national stability. He also unveiled his plan to present a number of draft bills to secure the electoral system and prevent unjust voting. He warned that if this is not done properly, every legislature in the future will be dissolved before completing the first term.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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