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Delivery in Kuwait - Husband’s salary is less than KD250/-

My daughter is in Kuwait on my sponsorship but recently she got married and her husband is also here in Kuwait. Since the husband’s salary is less than KD250/- my daughter’s residence can’t be transferred to his sponsorship.

Is there any problem if she delivers in Kuwait (while on my sponsorship)? Can she leave Kuwait with the child if she delivers here in Kuwait on my sponsorship? Will there be any problem? The husband is on a shoun visa (Article 18 work permit)?

Name withheld
Your daughter will not have any problems delivering the baby in Kuwait (unless the Immigration Dept wants to know why she was not struck off your sponsorship once she got married) but she will have to take the baby out of the country within 60 days of its birth.

But you have to remember that within the 60 days you will have to get travel documents for the baby plus its birth certificate(after registering its name at the Births and Deaths Registration Center in MaidanHawalli). Don’t forget to get the permission of the Immigration Dept to take the baby out of the country.

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