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Fine for beating wife Sacked workers file suit

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mohammad Al-Khalaf, has instructed a member of Kuwait National Team to pay KD100 compensation to his wife for beating her. The court also ordered referral of the civil case to the concerned judiciary. Case files indicate the couple had a fight, during which the husband hit the woman’s ear; causing permanent disability. The court ruled in favor of the woman after a thorough analysis of the pieces of evidence presented by both parties. Meanwhile, the Criminal Court adjourned until Jan 26, 2014 the hearing on a case filed against a Special Force officer. The court also postponed until Jan 5, 2014 deliberations on the petition filed by former MP Musallam Al- Barrak against MP Safa Al-Hashem; who allegedly mentioned Al-Barrak’s name during the celebration of her victory in the last parliamentary elections. She allegedly requested to put a picture of Al-Barrak on the cake before slicing it - an act deemed offensive to the former lawmaker.

Sacked workers file suit: A number of retired employees represented by Lawyer Mohammad Al-Mutairi filed lawsuit with the Administrative Court to challenge decision that forced them to retire. The petitioners requested the court to nullify the decision based on Article 76 of Civil Service Law and also demanded compensation in that regard. The petitioners include a senior expert engineer at the Engineering Services Department of Information Ministry who had joined the ministry as monitoring technician from the Ministry of Communications on 23/12/1973 and rose through ranks to become director in his department from 9/1/1995 until 22/2/2005.

The lawyer argued that his client had struggled to reach the top level in his profession, having obtained Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering/communications. He said the Ministry of Information through decision 401/2005 dated 23/2/2005 required his client’s services while the sector was in dire need, and appointed him as Chief Expert in Communications Engineering. He stressed the department improved tremendously under his watch while he held the position for many years, indicating his client had obtained ‘excellent’ in the evaluation of fiscal year 2011/2012, but the Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Services transferred him to another department on 16/4/2013. He explained the only reason the ministry could retire his client before reaching the mandatory age was low productivity and inability to carry out responsibilities, and regarded the decision that forced him into retirement as sword in the neck of a civil servant. He maintained the decision was serving selfish interests and individual pleasure, and a way of ‘discarding whoever holds contrary viewpoints and ideology’.


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