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1st implant of WLAACD in Kuwait Dr Al-Muteiri confirms successful op

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: Head of the Heart and Catheter Department at the Chest Diseases Hospital Dr Mohammad Al- Muteiri recently confirmed the successful operation for the first implant of Watchman Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device in Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Al-Muteiri explained the device is implanted to prevent stroke for patients suffering from Atrial Fibrillation, a disease that is common in the country as thousands of people have been diagnosed with it. He revealed the operation was conducted for four patients whose ages ranged from 50 to 70 years. He affirmed all four operations were successful without complications and this was made possible through the help of a number of consultants.

Explaining the disease, Al-Muteiri disclosed the dangerous aspect is the possibility of blood clot in the left atrium of the heart as this may also lead to stroke, paralysis or death. He added around five percent of the populace are diagnosed with the disease every year. Meanwhile, medical experts revealed the devise is designed to be permanently implanted at or slightly distal to the ostium (opening) of the left atrial appendage to trap blood clots before they exit the appendage. They said it is a three-part system consisting of a transseptal access sheath, a delivery catheter and an implantable device.

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