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Photo shows NBK head office in Kuwait
NBK offers more than 90 Training Programs in ’13 Bid to develop Kuwaiti youth

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) offered its employees, fresh graduates and students more than 90 Training Programs during 2013 as part of its commitment to developing Kuwait’s youth. During 2013, NBK launched a range of educational and professional developing programs targeted at developing Kuwaiti youth entering the work force.  “Investing in human resources is investing in our future,” said Emad Al Ablani, NBK Deputy General Manager, Human Resources Group. “NBK maintains its leading position as one of the country’s largest employers in the private sector and is committed to supporting Kuwaiti nationals and empowering them to realize their potentials.”

Al Ablani added: “NBK’s training programs come as part of our commitment to providing distinctive career opportunities to ambitious young Kuwaitis and to support the country’s aim to encourage young Kuwaitis to assume roles in the private sector.” NBK Training Programs aim at growing the skills of the Bank’s young leadership members. NBK Academy is an unprecedented initiative which aims to train and develop the professional skills of fresh graduates and the new training Al Shabab program is specially designed to develop the skills of newly recruited diploma holders.

NBK offers as well training programs to the segments of Kuwaiti youth not employed in the bank as the summer training program open to high school and university students.  NBK launched this year the Advanced Academy for High Fliers. This initiative is tailored to provide NBK’s future leaders with cross functional exposure to various departments within the bank, as part of NBK’s strategy to invest in its human capital.

NBK in collaboration with prestigious, world-class universities and institutions such as Harvard University and American University of Beirut organizes professional training and development programs providing future leaders with a wide range of leadership disciplines, in line with the bank’s commitment to developing and investing in its key resource and human capital.

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