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Kuwait has ample opportunity to stretch its urban scheme to south Dark area close to Gulf Street suitable for housing projects

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21: As the country continues to find lasting solution to the burning housing issue at all levels, there is no change in the aerial picture of Kuwait taken by the US National Aerial Survey Agency (NASA) on Aug 9, 2012, which revealed that the Seventh Ring Road is far from urban settlements, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily. While translating the picture geographically, the agency assumed that Kuwait has ample opportunity to stretch its urban scheme to the south.

The analysis was on the ring roads through the economic hub of the country in Kuwait City and extending to the Gulf on the First Ring Road, indicating the number of ring roads determine the level of development toward the South along the Seventh Ring Road, which is still far from densely populated areas. The picture signifies the economic importance of Ahmadi, since the discovery of oil there in 1946. It also shows the place was previously green land.

The picture shows Kuwait International Airport, like other international airports, as fully illuminated due to air traffic activities. It reflects downtown Capital City as lowly populated due to the location of government offices and the Grand Mosque, stressing the dark area close to Arabian Gulf Street is suitable for residential housing projects.

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