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Political bankruptcy

PEOPLE who have become victims of rumors — the occasional rumors spread by sick minds — show that their conviction that Kuwait is a country of institutions is precarious. They think the state institutions are duty bound to respond to these rumors and all that the Amiri Diwan, the government and other institutions should care about is rumors irrespective of its source. In political conflicts rumors are a natural phenomenon but they are also a weapon of the weak. It is a weapon sought by the pariah to weaken the determination of the other party.

In recent months pariahs on the popular and the political fronts have claimed the existence of programmed embezzlement of public funds in all the institutions of the country. They have attempted to soil the image of people even over trivial issues, and each time it has been proven that they are liars although the government did not think it fit to respond to such accusations. Interestingly, it is better for the government to continue adopting such policy since it has become evident these pariahs hold grudge against everyone who do not toe their line.

What was published in some media and social networking websites about the conspiracy to grab power in the country is a poor film that has no direction and its scenario is weak. Some weeks ago, they launched without hiding their identity the rumor of their film which they claim if made public can turn things topsy-turvy. All those who read this message on the social networking websites called it naïve. People likened the plot to the height of stupidity.

Kuwait is a democratic country and democracy is the two faces of the same coin. One is positive and the other is negative. Rumors and fabrications which we hear now and then is the negative side which does not need much effort to disprove it. In the past rumormongers have launched ‘attacks’ against Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed and spread rumors about HH the Amir and HH the Crown Prince and formed investigation committees when they were in the Parliament and to deceive the people by saying they have evidence to prove their lies.

Each time they were defeated because lies have no place in society. There is no doubt that we live in a country of institutions but when the government fails to play its role, it loses its dignity. If the government has done a good job giving a deaf ear to the rumors, the goals are well-known but it does not absolve the Cabinet for not applying the law against these rumormongers, because this is how we must deter poisonous voices.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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