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Homes built for Syrian refugees by Kuwait in Al-Zaatari camp.
Kuwait builds 1,000 homes for refugees Team ends Jordan mission

AMMAN, Dec 20, (KUNA): A Kuwaiti delegation representing official, popular authorities and associations and the Gulf country media has concluded a humanitarian mission in Jordan aimed at closely examining conditions and needs of thousands of Syrian refugees. Dr Hamad Al-Duaij, the State of Kuwait Ambassador in Amman, said during his reception of the delegation that Kuwait secured 1,000 pre-fabricated houses for the Syrians at Al-Zaatari refugee camp.

The State of Kuwait, which has already supplied the Syrian refugees with large amounts of various forms of aid, will carry on with the humanitarian mission to help them, the ambassador confirmed. He praised King Abdullah II, the Jordanian Government and people for supporting and hosting the refugees by allocating plots of lands to set up dwelling for them, supplying power and water to the shanty towns and securing these sites.

Ambassador Hamad called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UNHCR, that had invited the Kuwaitis to visit the country, to shed light on the Kuwaiti humanitarian aid to the Syrians and many other nations of the globe. The delegation visited “Al- Awn Society” headquarters, which is a building equipped with medical equipment and facilities, located in the capital center, where ill Syrian refugees receive treatment.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Siam, in charge of the UNHCR health services, said the first clinic was opened in the border town of Al-Ramtha. “We have opened more clinics in Al-Mafraq region but we had to build also mobile clinics to cope with the mounting inflow of Syrian refugees,” he said. Most of the sick refugees suffer from infections, he said, also indicating that a number of them suffer from psychological problems and disorders, partly due to the hardships caused by the crisis at home. The delegation also visited Cairo Bank in Amman for discussions on best technical means to disburse aid funds for the refugees. The Kuwaiti personalities have already visited the largest camps housing the Syrian refugees.

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