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Court acquits gang of 5 in car theft Actor accused of stealing phone

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 20: The Misdemeanor Court presided over by Magistrate Yusuf Al-Lahdan acquitted a gang of five youths of stealing a vehicle (Mercedes Benz) that had broken down on the wayside. According to case files, the Public Prosecution charged the five suspects for stealing the car belonging to one Kuwaiti citizen when he parked it by the roadside in Bayan area after a flat tire. Investigations conducted by criminal detectives indicated the five suspects had towed the car and dismantled it, and later sold the parts to a garage owned by one of them. Defense Lawyer Ali Al-Ali cast doubt on the investigation report because it came from only one source. He also said there was no substantial evidence to implicate his clients or prove that his clients were actually involved in the alleged crime.

Actor accused: The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals acquitted a famous Kuwaiti artiste of stealing Blackberry phone belonging to his girlfriend. The defense attorney Mohammad Ayed Al-Saleesi confirmed that his client and the plaintiff have a relationship. He explained they had a fight, and in revenge, the girl filed a case against his client claiming he stole the mobile phone. Al-Saleesi noted the girl is jealous and unhappy with the level of support his client enjoys with his fans. He maintained the accusation is false, as his client denied it.

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