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Gunmen in Somalia kill six doctors One Syrian doctor wounded

MOGADISHU, Dec 18, (AFP): Fighters in Somalia shot dead three Syrian doctors and their three Somali colleagues Wednesday as they travelled to a hospital outside the capital Mogadishu, an AFP reporter said. Their bullet-riddled bodies were carried into Mogadishu’s Medina hospital after the attack on road leading from the capital to Afgoye, a town some 30 kms (20 miles) northwest of the capital. Doctors at the hospital said the foreigners killed were Syrians.

One Syrian doctor was also wounded in the attack, which took place as the group travelled down the road towards Afgoye, a former stronghold of the al-Qaedalinked Shebab insurgents, before they were driven from the town in May 2012. However, a senior Shebab official said they did not carry out the attack, although their fighters have often carried out shootings, bombings and suicide commando raids against government and international targets, including aid workers.

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