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Rash driving by juveniles biggest problem Youths see fun in criminality

In this week’s online poll, Arab Times asked voters what are the most common problems they faced from juveniles in Kuwait.

About 37% of the voters said the rash driving of the youth is the biggest problem they face in Kuwait. According to respondents, Kuwait’s roads are getting dangerous because of youth trying to have fun by racing and speeding on roads. Some narrated their experience of near misses because of speeding motorists. “Cars come bearing down on you with headlights flashing. This way motorists try to get you out of their way, even if we are driving at top speeds.”

About 23% of the voters said that juveniles see fun in criminality. Many respondents had bitter experiences to share about juveniles behaving badly on buses harassing fellow passengers, especially women. Throwing stones at buses, often smashing windows and hurting passengers is also a favorite pastime of some juveniles in some areas of Kuwait. Bus drivers are scared when they see a group of rowdy juveniles trying to flag down the bus. “If they are let in, they harass other passengers, or else they pelt stones.”

About 16 % of the voters said they behave indecently towards women. A group of juveniles once got physical with a woman on a bus, with one of them trying to sit on her lap. As most people traveling on a bus are expatriates, they try not to interfere because they look upon it as inviting trouble. “These kids could be armed in some instances. Otherwise, if it becomes a police case, you would be required to shuttle between court and police stations, which is a pain too.”

About 11 % of the voters felt that juveniles are creating the most trouble in malls. They behave in an unruly fashion, scaring away families. Some respondents took the example of the recent killings at some of the popular malls. “Kids feel like machos when they indulge in such crimes.”

Another 11% felt juveniles were more of a nuisance than a threat. They can get very irritating at times. Complaints included spitting on people, passing urine into cans and sprinkling it on others, singing loudly, performing indecent dance steps and so on. A very small minority felt that juveniles riding buggies is a problem. “They pose a threat for others’ life and limb. Buggies are powerful and can go at a high speed, and are highly maneuverable giving riders the ability to ride them on any surface.

Some juveniles ride buggies on pedestrian bridges, which is extremely dangerous.” A very small number of voters felt that juveniles indulge in shop lifting. However, there were no responders supporting that view.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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