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Four Chinese, one Spanish woman held for flesh trade

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: An 18-year-old Syrian expatriate died when a piece of iron fell on his head at a carpentry shop in Abasiya. Father of the victim notified the Operations Room that his son was injured and bleeding, so a team of rescue men rushed to the scene, but the victim had already died when the officers arrived there. Initial investigation revealed that an employee was trying to lift the iron when he lost control and dropped it on the victim. The remains were referred to Forensics by Criminal Evidences Men.

4+1 in flesh trade: The Vice Squad affiliated to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior have arrested four Chinese prostitutes and referred them to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source the women had posted their photos on a social networking website offering their illicit service under the cover of massage. The source added the women were picked up from an apartment in Salmiya while offering service to a police agent. In a similar incident, police have reportedly arrested a Spanish woman. She was picked from a hotel in downtown Kuwait City. A security source said the Spanish woman came to the country on visit visa. She was arrested after police set a trap for her and sent a police agent with marked police money.

Cross-dressers nabbed: Two cross-dressers clad in women’s sport wear with make-up were arrested by security operatives in Salmiya area. Security sources said patrol officers came across the two Arab nationals late at night while they were traveling in a Jeep and requested the driver to pull over for checking. It was then the officers discovered they were cross-dressers. They conducted a search in the vehicle and found women clothes worn for special parties. Initial investigation revealed that the suspects conducted private parties for money. They were referred to the concerned authority.

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