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Pesterer stabbed by girl again and again Man who robbed US citizen caught

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: A young Kuwaiti woman who is said to have stabbed an unidentified youth in the stomach, shoulder and chest, has been arrested by the police, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. A security source said this happened when the youth kept harassing the suspect until she reached Jabriya. The youth thought the woman had given in to his advances and wanted to give him her phone number. However, when he approached her car she stabbed him. The woman then climbed out of her car, and sat on the bonnet until police arrived. The youth has been admitted to the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital.

Meanwhile, police have arrested an unidentified person who had allegedly broken into the home of an American two months ago and stolen jewelry and expensive watches and his car, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily. Intensive investigations conducted by securitymen led to the arrest of the thief who happens to be a civilian working for the Interior Ministry. During interrogation, the thief is said to have admitted to committing the crime. He also guided police to the place where he had hidden the car. He also said he sold the jewelry and watches to an Iraqi man who was on a visit to the co

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