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Man who shot friend says he did not set corpse alight

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: The Kuwaiti who shot and killed his friend in Wafra has denied setting fire to the corpse, reports Al-Anba daily. After surrendering to the Fahaheel Police Station, the suspect admitted that he shot two bullets at the victim killing him on the spot. He added, after committing the murder he left the scene of the crime, went to Jula’aia and hid the murder weapon. The source noted the detectives got the smell of kerosene from the clothes of the suspect.

The source noted the smell of kerosene refutes the allegations that the accused did not mutilate the corpse. The source said the denial by the accused of burning the corpse and possession of a weapon to sell it is an attempt to escape punishment. The Ethiopian guard of the camp where the corpse was sent on fire has testified that the suspect asked him to go to a grocery shop to buy cigarettes and when he returned he found the corpse on fire and the suspect gone.

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