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KUCS to hike prices of eggs by 5 percent Decision circulated to all co-op societies

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: Deputy Head of Consumer Protection Society Khalid Al-Suba’ie declared that the Kuwait Union of Cooperative Societies (KUCS) has decided to increase the prices of eggs by 5 percent, adding that the decision has been circulated to all cooperative societies, reports Al-Shahed daily. He indicated that an agreement between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Kuwait Union of Cooperative Societies has been reached to increase the price, which will benefit the traders at the expense of the consumers. Informed sources revealed that the decision to increase the prices of eggs was made after traders and influential people persuaded the Minister of Commerce and Industry Anas Al-Saleh, who then submitted a letter to the Head of the Kuwait Union of Cooperative Societies regarding his approval of the price increase.

Chairman of Kuwait Union of Cooperative Societies (KUCS) Abdulaziz Al-Samhan says the Price Fixing Committee received requests to increase the prices of over 4,000 products of several companies, reports Al-Anba daily. He disclosed that the committee has approved increasing the price of about 300 products by less than 10 percent, assuring that KUCS always works hard to ensure the prices of commodities are not skyrocketed in consideration of its economic and social effects. He affirmed that KUCS has unified the prices of about 35,000 commodities, adding that he hopes the number will increase to 40,000 before the end of the year. He reiterated that the unification follows related procedures for items sold in the main supermarkets of cooperative societies and their branches. He revealed that the Price Fixing Committee follows a scientific policy in agreeing to price hikes in order to avoid bias against any involved parties, stressing that KUCS will never agree to price hikes unless the request is worthy and validated.

He indicated that some people suspect the activities of the Price Fixing Committee, but it continues to stand firm against challenges to carry out its obligations to the best possible standard. Meanwhile, Al-Samhan said KUCS is part of the committee that was formed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to set the prices of eggs, adding that the ministry and companies providing eggs have fixed the prices of eggs recently. He assured that KUCS will inform the ministry about any lapses it discovers while the concerned company will face administrative action for undue disparity in prices or failure to supply to cooperative societies. In other news, Adan and Qusur Cooperative Society Secretary Salem Al- Shashouh has accused the parliamentary Petitions and Complaints Committee of putting pressure on him after receiving a complaint he filed against the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for failure to apply law number 10/79, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Shashouh revealed the committee initially accepted his complaint but later rejected it — an act he considers a clear indication of taking a particular side at the expense of the consumers. He asserted that he has no plan to succumb to such pressures; asserting he will file the complaint again, but this time, he will submit it directly to the National Assembly speaker. He claimed the consumers are now suffering the brunt of the ministry’s negligence and its failure to enforce certain laws, adding that law number 10/79 stipulates the role of the ministry in regulating the prices of goods in the local market

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