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Vist Visa transfer to Family Visa

I want to know whether a visit visa can be transferred to a family visa. My wife and son came to Kuwait on a visit visa nearly 2 months ago and now I want to change their visa to a family visa. Can you explain to me what is the procedure for that … is it easy to change here or should they first go back to India?

Name withheld
Your family will, unfortunately, have to go out of the country because visit visas can’t be transferred to dependent visas. The only exemption in such cases is for infants but recently the immigration authorities have tightened up in this area also. But you can apply for the dependent visas for your family, get these documents and after that they can proceed to a neighboring country which has a Kuwait Embassy and subsequently medical examination facilities. They can then, after the medical, get the visas endorsed on their passports from the Kuwait Embassy after which they can return to Kuwait

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