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Metal object ‘extracted’ successfully from kidney

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15, (KUNA): In an extraordinary surgery and the first of its kind worldwide, a metal object was extracted from a 20 year old patient in Al-Jahra Hospital. A specialized medical team conducted the surgery, and the metal object was extracted successfully from the patient’s body through a one-centimeter wide opening, Kidney and Urology Consultant Surgeon at Al-Jahra Hospital Dr Hasan Al-Mutairi told KUNA on Sunday.

A year ago, the patient was admitted to the general surgery department as he suffered severe abdominal pain, after undergoing several tests and x-rays, by mistake a metal object was swallowed, the patient was discharged and instructed to continue treatment at the outpatient clinics, but the patient did not, Dr Al- Mutairi said. He added, recently the patient was admitted to the department of urology at Al- Jahra Hospital, suffering pain in his right side kidney, and blood in his urine, x-rays and medical tests showed that a metal body existed in the right side kidney.

A very rare case of a metal body moving from the digestive tract to the urinary tract. This surgery was carried out for the first time in Kuwait, and will be soon published in international urology specialized magazines, as being the first surgery of extracting a metal body similar to extracting kidney stones, he said. The urology department in Al-Jahra Hospital is considered as one of the most developed departments in the treatment of kidney stones, Dr Al- Mutairi affirmed.

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