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Deported on Medical Grounds

My wife and children were given a dependent visa and on the initial medical in Kuwait it was declared that my wife was having some illness and as a result she would not be issued a residency visa. After many appeals and retests, however, (thanks to Allah) she was issued her residence.

The problem did not end here because on the 2nd renewal (after 2 years) the health ministry requested her to do a medical test. The test results were positive with the reports saying that she had hepatitis.

Subsequently, her residence was cancelled (along with that of the children).

During the same period she was tested at a Jordanian clinic and also the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital (Faculty of Medicine) and both the test results revealed that she did not have hepatitis .

When the results were submitted to the ministry these were not accepted and my wife and children were deported.

Now after 2 years from deportation, I would like to bring them back to Kuwait, so please advise what procedures I should adopt to achieve my aim.

Name withheld

Answer: It is nearly impossible to get a visa again for anyone who is deported for medical reasons. In all such cases a permanent ban is placed on such individuals and the Ministry of Interior (through the Immigration Department) does not approve a dependent visa because this ban is never lifted. Although the law does not specifically say the ban is permanent, to get the ban lifted is nearly impossible. To do this you have to request the Ministry of Health to get a retest of your wife and this request if almost never accepted. So, you can’t get your family to Kuwait. Even any attempt to do so will be an exercise in futility.

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