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Lebanon ... doctrinal war waits for spark

ONCE again we want to know where Lebanon is heading to.  Everything that has been happening there indicates the approach of a civil war whose tools are almost complete.  The war only needs a spark at a time the people hold flames toward one another’s face. The Lebanese would have dodged the bitterness of war if they coll aborated from the beginning to curb the arrogance of Hezbollah, which shows its power over them by using a weapon that has become part of great settlements in the region.  This is a terrifying development since it is related to the destiny of the country.  Apparently, the group is ready to commit suicide and slaughter the Lebanese just to keep controlling part of the ‘disabled’ country which surrendered to Hezbollah.

The country continues to play its security role after abandoning the cities and areas that have become security squares dominated by armed groups and gangs involved in kidnapping and murders.  It has drowned in governmental emptiness due to stubbornness, maliciousness and frivolity.  It has legalized the smuggling of weapons and drugs through borders at a time that economic collapse is knocking on its doors strongly.  A country like this can never confront a small nation that has become stronger than it.  This has prompted the groups, which fear for their destiny, to take up weapons in order to protect themselves and the country.  Actually, these groups have done more than the ‘Hezb’ - Iran’s mercenary.  This is the image of Lebanon today.  It is not much different from what it was in 1975 when the civil war, which lasted for 17 years, started.

Amidst fear of the gloomy emptiness - on the level of the president, the government and the legislative authority - no authority or institution can now protect the people.  As for the Army, which is busy settling disputes among fighters in more than one city; its unity has also been jeopardized more than once due to violations and the inability to stop the domination of a small country over a country. Due to this terrible situation, some Sunni leaders think it is better to stay abroad; abandoning their national role and their group, which promoted moderation among various groups in the society for centuries.  They tried to stop blackmails and doctrinal oppression that transformed the institution into a barrel of gunpowder; instead of an element for national balance.

While Hezbollah feels jubilant over the blood of Syrians, it has been investing on terrorism and crimes against humanity.  The group uses its power against the Lebanese.  It also seeks to reverse the current scenario in the country by accusing the Sunni group of terrorism and extremism in a bid to isolate the latter; whereas the real terrorist and armed extremist is not held responsible for its deeds. Concern over destiny is no longer exclusive to the Sunni group or the opponents of Hezbollah as it has reached the Druze and Christians, who now pay the price for standing by their homeland land.  This led some Christian powers to arm themselves, aware that whatever Hezbollah is planning now is worse than the past dangers. 

Accordingly, they called for public confrontation because some other Christian powers failed to reach any agreement with the ‘Hezb’.  On the contrary, the action resulted in more injustice, oppression and unemployment among the Christians in an unbearable manner. The Lebanese can prevent their country from getting trapped in the civil war by restructuring their institutions.  This can be done through the formation of a new government or election of a new president.

Moreover, the so-called leaders of the Sunni group should come back to the country and confront the Hezbollah.  This action will definitely put an end to the group’s domination over the country.  It is not enough for these leaders to continue their political fights in different social networking sites, while enjoying the European beaches.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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