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KU to receive online 2nd term applications: official Process starts from Dec 21 to Dec 25

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14, (KUNA): Kuwait University will start receiving online applications for the second term 2013-2014 from 21 to 25 December, for Kuwaitis, children of Kuwaiti women and GCC students with fulfilled requirements. Dean of Admissions and Registration Dr Subeeh Al- Mukhaizeem said in a press release on Saturday that students of undetermined nationality who are graduates of the Unified System, Institute of Religion, American schools, and English schools including those expected to graduate, can also apply for the second term online.

Non-Kuwaiti students can apply in the Admission and Registration hall in Shuwaikh from 22 to 25 December during working hours, said the dean, adding that students who submit applications must not go below the minimum grades, set by the university, and must meet all required conditions. All students need to complete their applications regarding grades and required documents. Admission guidelines are all available on the website of the Deanship of Admission and Registration, said Al- Mukhaizeem. Kuwait University is offering a hotline service from 19 to 31 December for students who have inquiries regarding applications or reporting errors in the online registration system, he noted.

After admission results are announced, official documents of accepted students for the second term will be received by the deanship from 24 to 26 December. Students will receive SMS, specifying periods of time to submit their papers and enroll in the registration hall, he said. Minimum percentages for students with special needs for Kuwaitis and children of Kuwaiti women who meet the required conditions are lower than the proportions set by the university, for acceptance of students, the dean stated. All special needs’ students must provide the university with a certificate of disability from the Ministry of Social Affairs, he added.

Al-Mukhaizeem called on students of English high schools expected to graduate in the current first term to apply for admission online on the specified dates, and to submit their final result papers to the deanship after they graduate, in order to complete their admission procedures and determine their majors. Transferred students from other universities and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training can submit their applications at the registration hall from Dec 15 to Jan 6, he noted, adding that they must hand in their accredited papers and required documents. The dean noted the importance of adhering the specified dates to submit applications, asserting that the deanship would not accept any admission requests once the specified period of time was over.

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