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‘Verdict upholds real democracy, principles’ ‘Assembly not govt property’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: Several lawyers have affirmed that the verdict of the Court of First Instance, which acquitted 70 activists and ex-MPs of storming the National Assembly, revived real democracy and forgotten principles, reports Al-Qabas daily. Dr Khaled Al-Kafifah declared the verdict does not only uphold the rights and freedom of the people, but it strengthens penal principles as well. He said the principles that many people have forgotten include the interpretation of ambiguous favors.

He pointed out the verdict brought about a modern principle, which clearly indicates the National Assembly is not the possession of the government. He argued the act is not stipulated as criminal in the Penal Code, and as such, the National Assembly is not a public facility. In his comment, Attorney Khaled Al-Jousari said the ruling was based on motive.

He explained there was no crime committed because there was no criminal intent in the act of entering the legislative building. He added the verdict also considered inconsistent statements, since the bravery of some, who fear God, led to the revelation of the truth during cross-examinations.

Attorney Fouhad Al-Ajmi affirmed the Kuwaiti judiciary always sides with the truth and justice as manifested in its decision to acquit the accused. He said the court worked on the case tirelessly for almost two years, declaring that suspicions are not enough to convict the accused. “The judge based his decision purely on clear pieces of evidence — the normal and proper way of handling disputes,” he concluded.

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