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Brotherhood against humanity

The agents of Muslim Brotherhood who cry foul over the fading glory of the group still control sensitive positions in this country. It is no secret that our nation is afflicted because of this situation. This is how we interpret the success of the Social Sciences Society at the Kuwait University — the society is an affiliate of the Brotherhood according to what has been published by the Al-Qabas daily on Dec 10 — when it suspended an arts show (I Am Man) this week on grounds musical instruments were part of the program.

The Muslim Brotherhood youth movement took us back to the era of their ancestors — the Brotherhood members of Najd who attacked Kuwait during the Kuwait-Najd Border War accusing the Kuwaitis of smoking. Those ancestors considered smoking abominable in their strict and tough cults. In such unblessed movement, the Brotherhood members have proved by deeds that they are against man and all aspects of civilization but with repugnant partiality.

We wish they abandon all means of civilization including means of transport and ride on camel back and donkeys when they want to move from place to place. They must also begin wearing hand sewn garments of those days and turn off their air-conditioning units, refrigerators and TV sets since they believe that all aspects of civilization are heresies and have left no stone unturned to fight them and the people who enjoy these novelties. Among a series of continuous tough measures, the young (Muslim Brotherhood) members of the Political Club which is affiliated to the National Union of Kuwaiti Students, Kuwait University branch prevented female students from paying a cultural visit to the European Union headquarters unless accompanied by an unmarriageable person.

I dare say we live in the age of insignificant people. In the 1970s we organized several trips for the Kuwait University students to France and other European countries for both male and female students without such illogical stipulations. These innocent cultural journeys promoted innocent relationships which ended in blessed marriages among male and female youths. Moreover, such trips have never caused any problems. Finally, we want to address a query to the Kuwait University administration which is helplessly watching our culture being subjected to histrionics: ‘Why do such students interfere in people’s business?’

If a legal guardian of a female student agrees to join the trip, then you no right to say a word in this regard. We mourn the situation of the current academic youth under the dominance of the Brotherhood. We thank Almighty Allah that during our academic era we did not live under the rule and mastery of the Brotherhood because they are against humanity.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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