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Sending back families best option to cut costs Spiralling rents spike flat-sharing

 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: In this week’s online poll, Arab Times asked voters what means the adopt to workaround the problem of inflation in Kuwait. A majority of expatriates answered they would send their families back home to control costs. About 43 % of the voters felt so. Talking to the Arab Times, respondents said the bulk of the monthly expense is accounted by the house rent. It’s hard for a family of four to live in a single bedroom apartment. Double bedroom apartments now cost close to KD 300 or more, which is half, if not more, of an average expatriate income. In addition to that, tuition fees for children are also on the rise. Schools are hiking up fees in addition to the charges they levy for extracurricular activities like cultural events, sports and so on.

Respondents said they prefer sharing accommodation with other bachelors, in which case each individual would only have to shell out KD 50 or thereabouts. Families being sent back home is increasingly the trend in Kuwait among expatriates fearing inflation. Nearly 17% of the voters said they would cut their annual holiday trips to various destinations to save money to counter inflation. When expenses go up, savings are trimmed, which affects luxuries. Others said they have put off plans for a new car or a new phone.

About 13% of the voters would rather plan their purchases well instead of forgoing their wants. “We will keep a lookout for sale or promotions at various outlets and make the most of the deals.” Another respondent said he divides his monthly ration between six different shopping outlets, each providing the best prices on certain items. This way he saves up to KD 20 or more every month.

About 8 % of voters said they would share their flat with others and divide the rent. This way it reduces the burden of rent, and helps us save more.

Other voters, 7%, opted to do part-time job and increase their income without compromising their lifestyles in any way. “This way we can maintain our lifestyles, just that we would have to put in more hours of work everyday, but that’s fine. We have the weekends to relax.”

About 4% of the voters felt that investing in some small business is the best way to earn extra income. “Doing part time may not be possible for everyone as their full time jobs might keep them too occupied for other jobs. However, if it’s a business, then you can run it with the help of employees.”

By: Valiya S. Sajjad ArabTimes Staff

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