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Minister Rashidi seeks some clarifications in grilling request Al-Awadhi queries on transfer of commercial visit visas

 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10, (Agencies): Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Thikra Al-Rashidi has presented Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim with a written request for clarifications regarding the interpellation motion against her. The grilling motion was recently submitted by MP Hamdan Al- Azmi against the minister on issues falling within her jurisdictions. Some axes of the document are ambiguous and should be clarified in terms of meaning and allusion so that they can be refuted, Minister Al- Rashidi wrote in her request to the Parliament Speaker, alluding to the inquiry request, filed a month ago.

The MP mentioned in the document that excessive privileges were granted to a woman employee at an administration, affiliated to the ministry, however he neither identified the personnel nor specified the prerogatives given to her, Minister Al- Rashidi argued. She requested clarifications regarding staff charged with manipulation and asked for elaboration in the term mentioned in the MP motion, “unpaid labor.” In the fourth axis of the grilling request, MP Al-Rashidi requested that the MP verify claims on purported lack of restrictions on the panel tasked with settling disputes in the ministry and corruption shrouding its performance. She also asked for clarifications regarding tasks of some committees.

The minister added that the National Assembly member said in his presentation that she had pledged to tackle issue of redundant labor and residency traders, however, Al-Rashidi had written, all her decisions were “in favor of those who spread corruption.” In this respect, she demanded that the MP verify these claims. Meanwhile, MP Kamel Al- Awadhi is of the view that decisions have yet to be activated in effect to specify regulations on the transfer of commercial visit visa to work permit and residency, reports Al- Seyassah daily. In this context, Al-Awadhi asked the sector minister about the number of commercial visa applications she received and approved since she assumed responsibility in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. He wanted to know the number of visas issued, with an elaborate file that includes the professions which the ministry has accepted to transfer their commercial visas into work permits, and if these activities match the qualifications.

He wondered if the ministry is committed to the groups it specified in the decision allowing the transfer of commercial visas for certain categories, including individuals with high experience, rare specialties, academic certificates, and humanitarian cases. He also asked about the conditions for transfer of commercial visit visa to work permits in non-governmental sector, particularly those related to governmental projects.

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