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Fighting case with evidence as emails

I am fighting legal case against my previous sponsor since September 2009. The company MD or representative never used to sign any of the documents issued to me … except for a few. So I was depending on email correspondence to communicate my grievances with them. In such event, I wish and need to know, can those emails be consided as authentic and valid proofs to prove my rights, as per Kuwait labor law, in Kuwait courts.

Name withheld
Yes, hold on to those emails because these can be used in a Kuwaiti court of law. In fact the following statement on one of the Websites clarifies that emails are used the world over in courts of law, Kuwait being no exception: “Emails are a highly effective way to present evidence in court. While it might seem to be a very casual and informal way of communication, the information passed through email could contain information that is highly relevant and important to a case in all types of legal cases, criminal, divorce and immigration to name a few.

There are both benefits and drawbacks for lawyers to attempt to use emails as solid evidence during court cases. The benefits include the personal messages that can reveal the truth about the situation. The drawbacks include that since no signature is present, it could be debatable who actually wrote the email.

Despite the controversy, email messages are a modern way to use communication as evidence in a court of law. “The benefit to presenting emails as evidence in court is that the messages passed by email by the parties in question are most likely communicating very candidly about their feelings about the subject.

They are more likely to reveal factual information than the story that they are telling to the police, their attorney or the court room. While it may seem like insignificant banter between two people, it may reveal the truth about events or situations in question during a court case.”

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