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MP proposes all-women gynecology hospitals in Ahmadi Panel discusses hike in grants for children, military personnel

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: The parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee discussed Sunday the proposal to increase the children and military personnel allowances in the presence of representatives from the government. Committee Rapporteur MP Mohammed Al-Jabri disclosed the committee tackled the recommendations to increase the children allowances to KD 75 and KD 100, depending on the number of children. He said they also discussed the proposed allowance increment for the military personnel, but the government has requested for more time to study the total cost for the implementation of both proposals and it promised to present the figures next Sunday. He added the committee was supposed to deliberate on the suggestion to increase the housing loan to KD 100,000 but it has not received the proposal until now. He expects the Housing Affairs Committee to unanimously approve the proposal, which will be referred to the Financial Affairs Committee and then the Parliament in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Rapporteur of the parliamentary Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee Abdul-Kareen Al-Kandari has submitted a request to the Parliament Office to discuss the postponement of the committee meetings and its impact on the bills included in the agenda of the legislature in the upcoming session. He pointed out the panel plays a vital role in the work mechanism of the Parliament; hence, the disruption of its work may affect a number of bills. He said the committee consists of just seven members in order to avoid absences; yet it failed to reach quorum twice. He asserted this raises doubts as it may paralyze an important committee, so the members who have been absent must be blamed. In a related development, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani has announced his intention to request for a special meeting to discuss the conflict of interests bill, which he presented to the Parliament earlier. He said the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee, which has been tasked to study the bill, cancelled its meeting twice due to lack of quorum. He added the committee has yet to finalize its decision and refer the bill to the Parliament despite its huge importance in combating corruption, as well as achieving transparency and reconciliation. Furthermore, the Public Utilities Committee discussed Sunday the proposed five constituencies for the Municipal Council. Committee Rapporteur MP Adel Al-Kharafi disclosed no decision has been taken in this regard until now and the committee agreed to postpone discussions in order to look into related proposals. Moreover, MP Ahmed Mutei Al- Azmi has recommended the establishment of gynecology hospitals in Ahmadi Governorate. He said all the medical and nursing staff in these hospitals should be women.

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