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‘Inmates must return to society as good people’ GCC states mull over reform moves

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8, (KUNA): The GCC Inmates Week kicked off here on Sunday. Director General of the General Administration of Correctional Institutions, Major General Khalid Al-Dayyen stressed, in a speech before heads of correctional institutions from the GCC states, Kuwait’s keenness to provide all support for the success of the GCC Inmates Week and enrich the performance of the staff of the correctional institutions to achieve knowledge and exchange of experiences among the GCC countries. He pointed to the efficient role of these institutions in defining the community of the importance of inmates containment to be able to return as useful members of the society.

He added that the GCC Inmates Week was a result of the proposal of officials of the correctional institutions, saying that the event expresses the GCC’s attitude towards the reform process and the humanitarian and legitimate vision toward dealing with this category of the society. For his part, President of Bashayer Al-Khair Society Sheikh Abdulhameed Al-Bilali spoke about the role of his society in the treatment of addiction and rehabilitation of drug addicts, referring to the numerous activities conducted in this regard. He said that this pioneering experience is the first in the Arab and Islamic world, where the idea began to grow on the land of Kuwait and has blossomed.

Al-Bilali pointed out that Bashayed Al-Khair Society provides humanitarian service for all people wherever they are to achieve a noble goal which is to save society from the scourge of lethal drugs, noting to the role of the Society in the pre-conditioned release of inmates in the central prison.

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