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The Coordinating Leadership for the Protection of Internal Security recently organized a training program on security risk management
Citizens up in arms against senior traffic officer Al-Ali Rashidi refers 2,000 firms in visa trafficking

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: Scores of citizens via the social networking websites have launched a campaign against the Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Abdel Fattah Al-Ali under the title, ‘How long, Oh Abdulfattah’ calling upon citizens to peacefully demonstrate in front of the Ahmadi court Tuesday morning, reports Annahar daily. The citizens complain of oppression by Abdulfattah. They believe he is under obligation to carry out his duty in application of the law but he has exceeded his ‘limits’ through arbitrary acts. They called to hold Al-Ali for account committing violations against the citizens especially in relation with the procedures not stipulated explicitly by the law.

This includes seizing sports cars irrespective of the year of manufacture or their kind. In other news, scores of citizens have appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid to take action against some police officers who oppress, harass and abuse families near the chalets under some or the other pretexts. They added police must not arrest young people and put them behind bars or impound their motorcycles, vehicles, bunchies and buggies or treat them like criminals because they are just practicing their hobbies and enjoy spending time during holidays and vacations. They have called upon the Interior Ministry administration to educate policemen and officers on methods of dealing with and respecting citizens. They should also be trained to respect the human rights of others

2,000 firms referred: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Zhikra Al- Rashidi has referred 2,000 companies to the General Administration for Investigations at the Ministry of the Interior to prepare charges of trading in residence permits, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. An official source at the Ministry said that the minister is continuing her efforts to combat corruption and confront violators of the residence and labor laws. The source explained the minister is closely following up all offenses which have been recorded by the inspection teams who have been given powers to carry out inspections at any time to monitor irregularities and prepare reports.

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