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Sheikh Nasser says optimistic about future of Gulf cooperation

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: As a way of drawing path to the future through past experiences, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah retraced the history of the Arabian Peninsula and Kuwait, since the end of colonialism and its hostile condition, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Sheikh Nasser believes that the future will be filled with dialogue, love for all, freedom, democracy, and respect for the constitution, justice. He is optimistic about the future of Gulf cooperation, noting “it is impossible for a nation to exist without freedom and democracy, in addition to the foundation upon which the political life can operate in any country - without which the country is neck deep in crises.” Talking about the foundation for democracy in Kuwait, he said the constitution stands as the foundation for democracy, so people should respect the constitution.

He believes that consultations and dialogues should prevail among compatriots, because there is nothing hidden behind the scene or under the table. He also said “whether somebody is convinced or convinces others through dialogue, there is no other ideal condition serving the national interest”. He reaffirmed love for all without discrimination, saying he is ready to cooperate with everybody to serve the national welfare.

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