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Illegal residents favoured after Kuwaitis in employment Bedouns employed in public sector increase

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7, (KUNA): Number of civil servants from the social segment, the illegal residents (Bedouns), reached 1,258 till end of November, Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents said on Saturday. Ministry of Health came first, with 696 employed illegal residents, including doctors, nurses and medics. Up to 53 of these personnel were hired during the past two months, said the assistant secretary general for technical affairs, Walid Al-Asfour, in a statement to KUNA on Saturday. Ministry of Education ranks second, with 374 employees of this category. Most of them were teachers and 95 of the staff were employed, also during the past two months. Third was Ministry of Awqaf, 67, then Ministry of Public Labor, 25, followed by Ministry of Electricity, 20, and the rest were enrolled in various government departments.

The apparatus has recently asked Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies to employ such residents of the country, Al-Asfour revealed, noting that thousands work in the security and military sectors. Pace of employing illegal residents has proceeded well since process was launched on March 26, 2012, in cooperation with the Civil Service Commission, he said, explaining that job applicants must present papers verifying that they were included in the 1965 census, in addition to presenting a diploma or a higher academic certificate. He also noted that the illegal residents are favored as second after Kuwaitis in employment. The apparatus has amended some terms, relieving muezzins (prayers’ callers) and nurses of the condition to carry a diploma.

Moreover, children of Kuwaiti women and military personnel who took part in the 1967 and 1973 wars and the 1991 war of liberation of Kuwait were relieved of the term of being included in the 1965 census. Simultaneously, the department has launched a mechanism for employment in the private sector by high-school graduates, whose names were included in the 1965 census, in coordination with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, through a website that receives the employment applications.

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