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Cauterization ... the last treatment for Nasrallah

EACH time he appears on the television screen, Hassan Nasrallah shows some of his ridiculous character through his movements, stances and arrogance. Nasrallah has been ‘licking’ the Lebanese blood for three decades; yet, he has not quenched his thirst.  He then moved to lick the Syrian blood under the guise of defending the nation, the resistance and sacred dignities.  However, when he failed there, he directed his compass towards the Arabian Gulf for more blood shed through persistent provocation of chaos and sectarianism. Nevertheless, he committed a mistake this time - and every time - because there is wisdom and sensibility in the Gulf in general, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular; thereby, foiling any attempt to destabilize regional security.

Nasrallah, a man who has the penchant for licking blood, does not care about invectives or shame, because he has become addicted to disgrace and embarrassment.  Therefore, he declares openly that he is Iran’s agent; thinking wrongfully that people are similar to him.  He does not realize that his appearance on TV has become a source of laughter and amusement for the Lebanese and Arabs, who discovered long time ago that he is a recording machine which says whatever you want to hear when you put money into it. When he had a dilemma, he broke his silence to blurt out malicious words against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because his operators in Tehran sought the help of any mediator in the region, and even in the world, to visit Riyadh which did not accept such visits. Consequently, they charged their record machine to empty their bitterness through a series of accusations and offensive phrases against the Kingdom and its symbols.

We heard nothing from Nasrallah but nonsensical speech and the squeaking sound of the ‘speech mill’ that eats itself when it does not find anything to eat or blood to lick.  As he tried for long years to hit the United States of America when the index of Tehran was moving towards it, he uttered threatening words and wreaked havoc.  As he was launching his verbal missiles from his den against Israel, the latter’s planes were flying amusingly over the Lebanese sky and its soldiers were playing on the southern borders, ignoring his threats.  In his recent television appearance, he spoke against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have heard that chaos is provoked by a mean person. If it was said in the past that fire is set by a small spark, the Saudis and the Lebanese are bigger than such a mercenary who is interested in provoking chaos and fire between them. The Kingdom has wise leadership.  Statesmen are always keen on working for the good of Lebanon, its people, its security and stability; more than such a person who holds an entity but unfortunately, he does not belong to it.  This mercenary drags the country to wars and frivolous battles; making its sons fuel the battle of protecting and keeping the regime of the Mullas.

This mercenary, who is a pariah in Lebanon and the Arab world, is trying to depict himself as a great power. Therefore, when a cat meows, he hurls accusations at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel.  We understand why he makes such accusations because it is the habit of some Arab politicians who failed in the field.  Yet, we wonder why such is the behavior of an ingrate who continues to deny what the Kingdom had given to Lebanon for decades. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries which provided aid and assistance to the Lebanese in general, and the Lebanese in the South in particular, after the war in July 2006, in which Nasrallah was the key player.  He even regretted the war saying, “If I only knew the reaction would be like this, I would not have done it”. We have pledged not to give the mercenary and liar any attention, but his chaotic and malicious act has become unbearable.  Thus, it has become necessary to correct his position in his den, hoping the idiot will quench his thirst, although stupidity has overcome the one who treated it. However, it is necessary to continue the treatment until the end, even if it means reaching the phase of cauterization.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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