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Court exempts Kuwaiti from paying comp

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 6: The Cassation Court exempted a Kuwaiti citizen from paying a compensation of KD 5,001 based on a verdict issued by the Court of Appeals. According to the case files, the citizen had filed a petition against the defendant when the latter accused him of kidnapping his son. However, the court acquitted him of these charges. Consequently, the defendant filed a petition in which he demanded compensation to cover the harm he sustained. Attorney Mubarak Al-Kashab submitted an appeal against the verdict issued by the court that obligated his client to pay the compensation of KD 5,001. He requested the court to exempt his client from paying such a compensation, explaining that a citizen has the right to file a complaint against an individual who he suspects of kidnapping his son. He added that the verdict acquitting him of the charges of kidnapping because it did not indicate that the kidnapping complaint was malicious due to which the individual has no right to ask for compensation.

Jail for blogger: The Misdemeanor Court, Judge Fawzan Al-Fawzan, imposed one month jail sentence with hard labor on Twitter user Nami Al- Mutairi in a libel case filed against him by former MP Mohammad Al- Juweihil. The court also ordered referral of the case to the concerned judiciary. Case files indicate the Public Prosecution charged Al-Mutairi with insulting and defaming Al-Juweihil through the statements he posted on his Twitter account — a violation of Article 210 of the Penal Code. During the session, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Yusuf Hussein, filed a civil case against the accused, demanding for temporary moral compensation of KD 5,001. He also asked the court to impose the harshest punishment on the accused

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