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Sheikh Salman inaugurates KSE green spring camp
‘Give Municipality employees right to confiscate spoiled food’ ‘Take action against traffic official for provocations’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 6: MP Askar Al-Enezi submitted modifications to Law No. 5/2005 of Kuwait Municipality authorizing employees recruited by the concerned minister to make judicial arrest, reports Al-Qabas daily. He proposed the employees must be given the right to enter public places and shops to confiscate corrupt foodstuffs and file report in that regard. Also, the employees will be authorized to seek assistance from the police, and the Director of Municipality or his delegate will be empowered to issue orders to shut illegal shops if necessary. The proposed modifications impose penalties up to KD 15,000 and a minimum of KD 5,000 against any person caught selling foodstuffs in the markets before obtaining a license from the Municipality for that purpose, even if the foodstuffs are confirmed as appropriate for human consumption. The court has the right to shut and withdraw commercial licenses for a specified period or indefinitely. He also proposes a minimum of three years imprisonment or five years or KD 100,000 fine or a maximum of KD 250,000 or any of the above penalties if foodstuffs are confirmed as unsuitable for human consumption or substandard. Meanwhile, the court must close the shop for one year and withdraw the commercial license for one year if found culpable for any of the above mentioned offenses, but the commercial license will be revoked for good if the same violation is repeated.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers are mounting pressure on the Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohamed Al- Khalid to take a decisive decision against what they call ‘provocative statements’ launched recently by the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali, reports Annahar daily. In this context, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji said he met with Sheikh Mohamed to convey resentment the citizens hold over Al-Ali’s statement in which he spoke about imposing taxes on citizens owning more than two vehicles. “The minister confirmed that the statement is inappropriate”, he noted. Al-Turaiji also conveyed complaints from the owners of taxi companies about the oppressive manner in which Al-Ali and the traffic men deal with them, while the officers are lenient with the taxis of “Al-Mabrook” company owned by Al-Ali. In another report, all sectors of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor which have been pin pointed in the pivots of the interpellation request submitted against the sector minister Thikra Al-Rasheedi by MP Hamdan Al-Azmi are put on alert to prepare the appropriate response to the proposal, reports Alam Al-Yawm daily quoting reliable sources. The same sources added that Cooperative, Labor and Social Care sectors are preparing answers to disprove the pivots of the grilling request, and each assistant undersecretary of the sectors holds daily meetings with consultants to prepare and forward a complete report to the minister. They are expecting the replies will be ready in the coming week.

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