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‘Need to encourage national workforce’ Expats in steady rise: Dashti

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: The State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Dr Rola Dashti has cautioned against the steady increase of expatriates in the GCC countries, which has turned the indigenes into minority. She indicated that the expatriates account for 68 percent of the Kuwaiti population based on 2011 statistics, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a speech Dr Dashti delivered on behalf of HH the Prime Minister during the inauguration of the GCC Employment Improvement Conference, she stressed that about 82 and 60 percent of the population in UAE and Qatar respectively in 2010 are expatriates, adding that expatriates account for 70 percent of the total population in the GCC region in 2011. She revealed that the governments of these countries have realized long-term social, economic and political implications of the dangerous trend related to the dependence on expatriates. She added that those governments have adopted effective policies and programs to solve the problem by empowering the national workforce.

Grilling Dr Dashti explained that the policy will enhance participation of the national workforce in the labor market and encourage them to work in the private sector. She stressed that the governments have decided to link grants for the private sector to implementation of training and employment programs for the national workforce. Constitutional expert Dr Faleh Al-Azab announced that the preparations for the grilling request submitted against the State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Dr Rola Dashti is in the final stage, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily. He said the parliament speaker must ensure, during the parliamentary session allotted for discussing the no-confidence motion against the minister, that the ten lawmakers who submitted the motion are present in the session. Meanwhile, MP Dr Ahmad Mote’ stressed the need for implementing a plan for comprehensive political reform to control corruption, which depletes the public funds, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He affirmed that it is not possible to curb the use of the constitutional tool of interpellations, which modifies the governmental direction and helps in protecting the public funds. He explained that any grilling request submitted against any of the ministers is based on its proponent’s satisfaction without any political pressures, adding that inquests are aimed to achieve the good of Kuwait and its people.

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