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Oh Muslims, what is yours has been returned to you

THE dissidents of our era or the so-called affiliates of the Salafist fundamentalists are one of the main reasons for disasters which have befallen Islam and Muslims in the modern day world. Let us look several years back from the time of Taleban rule, the senseless ‘Manhattan’ attack and ‘Boko Haram’, the group which sets fire to books and has devastated the culture, and the Daesh group of Syria which now is set to bring ruin to Syria and nothing else - the group that enjoys beheading people. This group takes pride in holding the head of their victims by the hair after cutting off their heads or killing them in cold blood with a gunshot to the head from point blank range and then glorifies the Lord!

This behavior is reminiscent of how people kill insects. Such pictures are seen by people in every corner of the world — the pictures published with a blink of an eye. During a live press conference, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to support the Syrian opposition, but the reply from the Russian President was embarrassing to Cameron because in the eyes of Putin the Syrian opposition members are cannibals. Putin was referring to the infamous clip seen by the entire world of a member of Daesh group ripping open the chest of a dead Syrian soldier, pulling out his heart and chewing it.
Going back to 14 centuries during the Islamic era, a slave of a lady known as Hind bint Utbah, the wife of someone called Abu Sufyan bin Harb slit open the stomach of one of the Islamic figures during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the uncle of the Prophet Hamza bin Abdulmutalib and brought his liver to Hind bint Utbah who chewed on the liver and then spat it out.

This was also in revenge for her brothers who were killed in the great battle, in which Muslims emerged victorious against all odds fighting a huge army of the infidels of Makkah at that time. Because we are not skillful in handling empty talks, we swallowed the decision taken by the authorities in Angola to ban Islam, calling it an ‘unwelcome sect’. The decision was followed by destruction of mosques and preventing Muslims from conducting their religious rituals. In spite of the fact that we disagree and oppose the decision taken by the government of Angola, based on the freedom of belief and religion what the government has done is a result of devastation caused by some fundamentalists and extremists in the name of Islam, while in reality, Islam is innocent.

The Salafist fundamentalists don’t believe in the freedom of belief and their practices are not affiliated to them and their rituals. Didn’t the world see how the Taleban destroyed the centuries-old statues of Buddha in Afghanistan? Didn’t the world see how in the Egypt of tolerance and diversity, ‘stray dogs’ dragged the Egyptian religious cleric Hassan Shahhata along the streets of Cairo the Iraqi way tearing his body torn pieces on the streets of Giza in Cairo and thousands of fatwas which do not serve modern world because of the ignorance of the people who issue such fatwas. Oh, our beloved Muslims, what Angola did and what others are doing to protect their communities from the evil thoughts of some of our Muslims in that regard sums up ‘what is yours has been returned to you’.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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