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‘Clear bills or face line disconnection’ ‘Subscribers limit till Dec 31’

 KUWAIT, Dec 4, (KUNA): The Ministry of Communications called subscribers of phone services to pay their financial bills in order to avoid automatic coder disconnect, slated to be implemented during current month against those who are lagging on payment. A first warning note would be sent to subscribers on December 8 before applying coder disconnect, followed by a second warning note to be sent to subscribers’ phone numbers on Dec 15, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hussaini, Director of public relations department at the ministry said in a press statement. Then, the ministry will go ahead and disconnect the service from subscribers who lagged on paying their bills, Al-Hussaini added, noting that financial rates for overdue bills are KD 50 for home phone services and KD 100 for business phone service.

Also, he indicated that the automatic coder disconnect will include phone numbers that agreed on leasing their overdue payments and were late in making their monthly payment, adding that phone numbers of those late in paying their annual subscriptions, over six months, will include homes and businesses for non-Kuwaitis, and business for Kuwaitis. In addition, Al-Hussaini stressed importance of commitment of paying the ministry financial bills for the continuation of phone services and avoidance of automatic coder disconnect, expressing at the same time his appreciation to subscribers who showed their cooperation with the ministry in the past months.

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