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Verdict bolsters ‘dignity of nation’

THE verdict issued by the Constitutional Court to turn down the appeal which was filed against Article 25 of the penal law is not an ordinary ruling. It strengthens the dignity of the nation and does away with a few who are interested in destroying it’. By its verdict the court has let the dust settle down which was kicked by some individuals in the wrong belief that they can own the country through their numerous lies and allegations about political and constitutional rights of the citizens.

The aim was to violate the Constitution and the law and legalize their behavior according to their own interpretation which have nothing to do either with the freedom of expression or opinion which are guaranteed by the Constitution. These interpretations have stemmed from their keenness to realize their programmed long-term coup against the ruling system.
For the past 30 years Kuwait has been suffering at the hands of those who desire to occupy the seat of power — people who are blinded by the reality of facts. Those who cry day and night for the application of laws in line with the Constitution are the ones who provoke and mesmerize the citizens with their lies and fraud activities.

When they failed in their conspiracy, they resorted to making offensive statements against the entity of HH the Amir in an attempt to soil the dignity of the nation and its rulers. Yesterday, the honest judiciary poured cold water on all their attempts.
Did this group of liars (unfortunately among whom there are some legislators) not realize that the head of the country — his rule and dignity -- is protected against vulnerable acts and improper speech by the Constitution, like all constitutions of the world and that Kuwait is not the exception?
Did this group not realize this fact when it sought external help to support its destructive plot?
Was this group committed to law and Constitution when it provoked the citizens to ‘insult’ the entity of HH the Amir in the name of freedom of expression and opinion through illegal gatherings?

Did this group not try to mislead the entire nation by filing an appeal against Article 25 of the penal law? Did it think that it could deceive the judiciary too?
Today, the Constitutional Court shut the window through which the poisonous winds were blowing from all directions. The court has restored the purity of Kuwait’s vision. Moreover, the verdict has upheld the place of the Constitution and law. This is in addition to protecting the country from the frivolities and destruction of those individuals who are obsessed by power.
The verdict of the Constitutional Court with its perfect interpretation of the article has dispelled any notion of confusion. Basically it means the destiny of the country is not a tool for blackmail.
There are institutions which protect the ruler and his dignity and the dignity of the nation — the nation wherein the symbols are protected.

This verdict has done away with the hallucinations of violating the law and inheriting the monarchy which the group tried in vain to do as if it was a kind of commodity in the bazaar of interests.
Therefore, there should be no fear from a group of individuals who attempted to control the minds of the people with their illusions and suspicious interests.
Yes, the verdict of the Constitutional Court cut the road of those who were inching their way to grab power under various slogans. It has closed the door in the face of those who were seeking to demolish the institutions which are now requested to practice their role without fear and without bargaining on the rights of the homeland.
The country is called upon today to preserve its dignity and shun frivolities, favors, considerations and settlements. The verdict of the Constitutional Court has put to rest all these notions.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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