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13 year old Kuwaiti girl missing

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: A 13-year old Kuwaiti girl left her sister’s flat in Maidan Hawalli three days ago and hasn’t come back. In her complaint, sister of the missing girl told the police that she has searched the hospitals and friends’ homes in vain to find her sister. She also said she circulated her sister’s details to various police stations. A case was registered and the search is ongoing to find the missing girl.

 Man assaults wife: A Kuwaiti woman filed a complaint against her compatriot husband who allegedly beat her in their house in Adan. According to the complainant, she was teasing her husband and asked him if he loves other women but he suddenly pulled her hair and beat her. She also submitted a medical report to prove her claim. A case was registered and the husband will be summoned soon for interrogation.

In an unrelated incident, a Filipina lodged a complaint against her Sri Lankan husband at Nugra Police Station; accusing him of beating her, stealing her money and preventing her from going out. The securitymen summoned the husband several times but he refused to go to the police station; leaving them with no other option but to arrest him. Initial investigations revealed the couple has been facing domestic problems for quite some time. The necessary legal action was taken.

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