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Kuwaiti surgeons are seen during the operation
Kuwaiti surgeons conduct delicate cardiac operations Test-Tube Babies Unit to receive patients

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1, (Agencies): Kuwaiti surgeons, assisted by Canadian fellow doctors, have conducted delicate cardiac surgeries at Al-Dabbous Cardiac Center of Al-Adan Hospital. Dr Riyad Tarazi, the head of heart surgery ward at the center, told KUNA on Sunday the team of surgeons under his supervision had conducted a chain of successful operations, adding condition of the patients was stable. The surgeons, assisted by doctors from the Canadian McGill University, have replaced an aortic valve of a patient with a larger one, with greater capacity, considering the patient weight. Dr Tarazi added that the surgeons conducted the “David Procedure” on another patient, affirming that that the latter would be spared taking post-operation antiplatelet drugs. In the “David Procedure,” the patient’s aortic valve is kept, although it may be repaired and re-implanted, and reconnected to a new section of aortic tissue. By preserving the native aortic valve, patients avoid the need for lifelong anticoagulation therapy (Coumadin).

The chief surgeon added that the doctors carried out the complicated mitral valve repair operation, through a tiny cut, adding that this patient would be able to restore normal movement capacity in only two days. The center had witnessed, in the past, such coordinated Kuwaiti-Canadian surgeries. It adopts new procedures, with respect of receiving urgent medical cases, where the seriousness of a case determines its attention by physicians on duty not its position in the cue line as was the practice previously. In other news, head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at Jahra Hospital and Chairman of the 18th Obstetrics Conference Dr Sami Al-Taher has emphasized the importance of the conference; in which distinguished experts and specialists from Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia and other countries participated, in addition to local doctors and those from other GCC countries, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Speaking at the conference held in the Ministry of Health, Taher revealed the Test-Tube Babies Unit opened in mid- November; confirming it will start receiving patients, including Bedouns, in December. He said a meeting will be held soon to discuss protocols to be observed in dealing with Bedouns; pointing out there are about 500,000 people residing in Jahra, including almost 15,000 married couples suffering from infertility, while about 15 percent of Kuwait’s population have the same problem. Taher expects that upon the opening of the new unit, the hospital will receive between 100 to 200 cases of test-tube babies and artificial fertilization within a year. Meanwhile, Head of the unit and Chairman of the organizing committee for the conference Dr Hazem Al-Rameeh disclosed male sterility is the highest cause of impotence as it constitutes 35 percent of sterility cases in Kuwait, followed by ovary disorders at 30 percent, blockage of fallopian tube at 25 percent and harmless uterus tumors at 20 percent. He said those who have not found any medical explanation for their infertility constitute between 5 to 10 percent of the population.

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