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KAC’s 25 aircraft deal still on – Chairman Airline to take delivery of planes early 2018

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24, (KUNA): Kuwait Airways is pursuing the deal to purchase 25 aircraft from Airbus and will start taking delivery of the planes early 2018, said KAC Chairman Sami Al-Nisf on Sunday.
Speaking at a news conference, Al-Nisf, also the KAC Managing Director, clarified that the corporation plan to purchase five aircraft from an Indian company was intended to replace old aircraft, pending execution of the deal with Airbus in 2018.
The company will receive the new Airbus aircraft according to a timetable between 2018 and 2020, unlike identical deals struck by other GCC airlines which will start taking the aircraft in 2020.

Al-Nisf indicated that the KAC will lease ten A320 aircraft, five A320s and five used A330s, according to the accord with Airbus and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This will be part of a broad plan involving the rent of 20 aircraft, including 15 new planes and five used ones.
As to reasons of buying the five used aircraft instead of leasing them, he indicated that the leasing would be much more costly than the purchase of these aircraft.
Age of these planes ranges between five to six years, as compared to the KAC aircraft in operation, age of which reaches up to 20 years.
Al-Nisf indicated that part of the KD 442 million fund, that had been previously set up to make up for the KAC losses, would be used for the aircraft procurement.

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