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MP-elect Al-Quwai’an unveils plan to modify one-vote system Indication rife some elected MPs forming blocs

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3: MP Hussein Al-Quwai’an has unveiled his plan to submit a proposal to modify the one-vote system to ensure justice in the distribution of constituencies, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
In a recent press statement, Al-Quwai’an clarified that he and other MPs, who intend to propose the amendment, have yet to discuss the number of votes. He also stressed the importance of opening all files finalized during the absence of the National Assembly, such as the appointments to senior positions and changes in the Oil Sector Services Company (OSSC) — a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC).
On the speakership, Al-Quwai’an pointed out it is too early to determine the winner, asserting the four lawmakers, who announced their intention to run for the post, are keen on serving their homeland. He said he has yet to decide whom to vote for the speakership, indicating he intends to run for the secretary general post and membership of the Health Affairs Committee.
Asked about the formation of the government, Al-Quwai’an asserted, “We need a government which stems out of the Kuwaiti street. Its structure should be in line with the results of the parliamentary elections.”


On the priorities of the new Parliament, Al-Quwai’an clarified the parliamentary blocs will set the priorities in the coming weeks. He also affirmed his readiness to cooperate with everyone in order to achieve these priorities.
Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani underscored the need to study the negative and positive aspects of the one-vote system. He said the country can no longer tolerate sectarian or tribal chaos. He argued that political money and rumors are common in every election but such phenomena became more rampant under the one-vote system, considering the number of suspects referred to the Public Prosecution in the last elections was higher than the previous ones. He was quick to add though that despite the flow of political money in the recently-concluded elections, the will of the people prevailed and emerged victorious.
In another development, MP Askar Al-Enezi revealed HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak had promised him that he will solve the problems of Gulf and Bedoun militarymen who were terminated. He affirmed the Prime Minister realized the humanitarian aspect of the issue and he is keen on bringing back smiles on the faces of a hundred families whose future was jeopardized when the household earners lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, indications are rife that some elected lawmakers are planning to form Islamic Bloc and another group is considering the formation of Independent Bloc in the National Assembly at the beginning of the new parliamentary term, reports Al-Anba daily.
Sources disclosed that several newly elected lawmakers have contacted their colleagues to discuss the idea and coordinate on announcing the bloc. Arrowheads of the independent lawmakers have also been making contacts with the like-minded colleagues to form the Independent Bloc, sources noted.
Kuwait Dental Association (KDA) has congratulated MP-elect Dr Mansour Al-Thufaeri on his successful election to the parliament to represent the Fourth Constituency, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
Secretary General of the association Dr Sami Al-Mane’ honored Al-Thufaeri for the level of confidence reposed in him by electorate and assured the lawmaker will live up to expectations in Abdullah Al-Salem’s hallowed chamber.

He prayed that almighty God will be his strength to carry out the responsibility efficiently to fulfill the dreams of Kuwaitis, particularly the residents of his constituency.
He urged the lawmaker to close rank with others, urging all authorities to cooperate for achievements that benefit the country and its citizens. He reminded Al-Thufaeri of the need to strive in dealing with all health related issues to improve the standard of healthcare in particular, which includes health insurance for citizens.

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