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Early retirement of top brass rapped Benefits not at par with other sectors: official

KUWAIT CITY, July 25: Chairman of the Workers Union of Kuwait Oil Tankers Company Yousef Mohammad Al-Shaiji has denounced the impulsive decision taken by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries to send some directors and team leaders on early retirement without carrying out thorough studies, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
He said the union was open to the idea of creating job openings for young people following the voluntary retirement of those who have served for long years.
Indicating that injustice to colleagues is unacceptable, Al-Shaiji stressed that the fate of those colleagues could occur to anyone who are currently in active service.
He lamented that an ultimatum of two weeks given to the concerned officials was too short, insisting that the management should have given them deserving job titles before they retired in order to increase their financial benefits.
He said, “Other governmental institutions give 12 months salary to the employees who have served for 25 years but the oil sector gives only 9 months salary to the retiring employees who served for the same number of years”.


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