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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghl
Consequences for Iran’s defense of Brotherhood

ALMOST all voices on the streets and in the Arab media have expressed happiness over the end of the dark ruling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt through the revolution staged by millions on June 30 with the support of the Egyptian Army. Our colleague in Saudi-London Middle East Newspaper Abdullah bin Bejad Al-Otaibi wrote an article entitled “Egypt June 30: History Repeats Itself”. The most important statement in his article was: “Yes, it is possible to say that the Brotherhood has been defeated in a historic battle. This defeat is not only against their mother organization or its branches, but also against their thought and ideology.”

Within a year, the Brotherhood members managed to gain enmity internally and externally. From inside, they gained the enmity of various institutions like the Army and Police, which are supposed to follow the instructions of the executive authority. They did the same to the judiciary, politicians, Al-Azhar, the church and other youth blocs.

In precise and concise words, we will explain the disaster that the Brotherhood members brought to themselves. We dedicate this statement to the ‘orphans’ of the Brotherhood, especially since they hailed the ruling of the group and Morsi when he was elected president. It is then advisable to refer to an article written by Abdullah Khalaf in Al-Watan daily on July 8. He said only the ‘orphans’ of the Brotherhood in Kuwait are interested in the group, along with their supporters in Raba’ Al-Adawaya Square, along with deposed leader Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi who resides in Qatar and whose son blamed him for blindly supporting the group and Morsi.

Iran recently joined the supporters of the Brotherhood. However, we think this step and Iran’s objection to the so-called coup against legality will embarrass the Brotherhood and its ‘orphans’ in Kuwait. This calls to mind the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” It is a theocratic regime which does not believe in the principles of liberal democracy and it supports another theocratic regime.
The Brotherhood and its ‘orphans’ in Kuwait had earlier launched a scathing attack against the Iranian regime for sectarian reasons. Nevertheless, we still expect these ‘orphans’ to consider the favor of Iran and seek its intimacy.
The ruling of the Brotherhood in Egypt has ended, yet only the ‘orphans’ in our country and the Islamic Republic of Iran are crying over this end; thereby, embarrassing the Brotherhood chapter in Kuwait.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil


By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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