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Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, you fulfilled your promise

THE people of Saudi Arabia and the GCC nationals call to mind the determination of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to develop the Kingdom as the entire region commemorates the eighth anniversary of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Custodian.  His wise resolutions led to remarkable infrastructure and human resource developments that put the Kingdom on the track of modernization.

Oh Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, people are now looking with utmost pride at what your own hands have delivered through your devotion and service to the nation.  These deeds have brought a believer closer to his Creator.  The fruits of labor witnessed by the Prophet (PBUH) and the worshippers are now dedicated to the one who fulfilled his promises.

Your people fully appreciate your commitment to hear their voices even during your period of recovery or annual leave.  Your dedicated service to the nation continues with every Pledge of Allegiance anniversary celebration because your people feel close to you; yet you are closer to them than their heartbeats. They always see the transformation of the words, ‘’I am at your service’’, every time you take care of their needs.

Indeed, this anniversary is the new pledge of allegiance for what you have done not only for your Kingdom but also the whole region.  Your people are not worried about tomorrow as you continue guiding them towards more open horizons and advancement in all aspects; coupled with decisions on the needs of the nation.

This is how the people in Saudi, other GCC countries and the Arab World look at you, Oh the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.  You are God-fearing, dedicated in giving and delivering, and committed to do whatever pleases Allah, the Almighty.

Even for a moment, you have not slackened in easing the burden of your people, including their financial problems.  You have established structures to please Allah and this has resulted in the outpouring of blessings.

On the eighth anniversary of the Pledge of Allegiance, people remember the Arab knight, who prefers to be called the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques over other notable titles like ‘king’, despite his great deeds.

People remember his eagerness to address problems in the house of Allah by implementing major expansion projects in the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madina to ensure that pilgrims from all over the world perform rituals easily and in a comfortable manner.  As the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, his aim is paradise and glory for his Kingdom.

All throughout the eight years, you, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, have been inspired by the verse of the noble Qur’an which reads as follows: “And whenever they spend anything [for the sake of Allah], be it little or much, and whenever they cross a valley [in Allah’s cause], it is recorded in their favour, and Allah will grant them the best reward for all that they have been doing.” (9:121) 

The people of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations witnessed major transformations in the Kingdom, including developments in residential and industrial areas, as well as universities.  They have seen various Saudi initiatives, such as granting women the right to participate in the national decision-making process at the Shurah Council and increasing the number of scholarships in universities abroad to enable Saudi youths to gain modern knowledge and arm themselves with information that builds nations on firm pillars.  In the region, he is known for taking the initiative to unify the GCC countries; as well as his wise and brotherly care for any step taken by the regional members, in addition to several other Arab projects.  He regularly sponsors religious dialogues and lays down the foundation stone in strengthening relations between the world and the Islamic countries - moves that corrected misconceptions of the West about Islam.

Oh Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the anniversary of the Pledge of Allegiance is commemorated not only in the Kingdom but in the entire Gulf and Arab world as well.  People in the region commemorate your sincere and good deeds, which are inspired by a verse from the Holy Qur’an, ‘’And they say, ‘Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers.  And you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and He will inform you of what you used to do.’” (9:105)

This is your slogan every time you make promises.  As you continue to fulfill your promises, Oh Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, we pray that Allah grants you happiness.  He witnessed all your pious deeds, so your people and your nation thank the Almighty for making you wise and righteous. 


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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