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Kuwait sixth in diabetes rate among nations worldwide: Haifi ‘Rising children’s obesity poses great threat’

KUWAIT CITY, April 20, (KUNA): Kuwait occupies the sixth place among nations with the highest rates of diabetes, said Minister of Health Dr Muhammad al-Haifi on Saturday.

For that reason, Kuwait is dedicating enormous resources to spread awareness among the public as to the serious side effects of diabetes, some of which could adversely affect a patient’s eyes, kidneys, heart, or feet, Dr al-Haifi said in a press statement on the sideline of inaugurating a conference today on diabetes undertaken by the diabetes unit at Amiri Hospital.

He praised organizers of the conference, saying that it dovetailed admirably with the overall policy of the ministry to face the challenges associated with treating patients with long-term diseases such as diabetes.

He stressed that the ministry, through the work being done by the higher national committee for combatting non-communicative diseases, is keen on partnering with other government entities to implement UN and WHO policies regarding spreading awareness among the populace as to the dangers serious diseases pose to their health.

In a similar press statement, head of the diabetes unit at the Amiri Hospital Dr Abdulnabi al-Attar noted that the conference deals with the latest approaches to treating diabetes through workshops where physicians are apprised closely on treatment and prevention methods. Besides the workshops, he said, the two-day conference is hosting a number of medical experts from the US and Europe and the Gulf region to deliver speeches on diabetes and treatment methods of long-term diseases.

He sounded alarm about the increasing rate of diabetes in Kuwait, affirming that according to the international diabetes federation, this disease has spiked in Kuwait from 21.2 to 23.9 percent. He urged doubling efforts at all state levels to lower that percentage.

Meanwhile, obesity among children has become prevalent in this country and it poses a grave threat to their health, reports Al-Watan daily quoting Executive Director of Kuwait Diet Center Rania Ra’d.

Ra’d made the statement during the recent launching of activities slated for ‘Eat Healthy Q8’ campaign at the C-Club in Diet Center Kuwait. She added the bad eating habits of the people may lead to fatal and chronic diseases.

According to Ra’d, the main objective of the center is to help the public change their habits to adopt a health lifestyle. She said the center functions as an integral part of the society that cares about the health of children.

She explained the center is committed to improving the eating habits of children with the help of their relatives. She asserted the parents play a vital role in determining the interests of their children; hence, the need for them to be actively involved in changing the habits of their children and to make them fully understand the importance of healthy living.

In another report, The Ministry of Health will soon restructure the committee tasked to respond to parliamentary questions due to violent parliamentary attacks on the inaccuracy of its answers, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources.

Sources disclosed Health Minister Dr Mohammad Al-Haifi intends to reconsider the mechanism for responding to parliamentary questions.

Sources clarified the decision was taken after a series of criticisms from the Parliament, claiming that it hides some useful information by giving inaccurate answers.

Sources said the issue has become a source of embarrassment for the minister who has been receiving harsh comments from the MPs. Sources added the minister has received more than 60 parliamentary questions since his appointment three months ago and over 50 percent of those questions have been answered.

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