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MP nod to labor bills New authority set up

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: The National Assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved a government proposed bill on the formation of a Public Authority for Labor Force and another on unemployment insurance in their first deliberations.

The Assembly also unanimously approved minor government proposed amendments to Articles 9 and 10 of the Private Sector Labour Law in the first and second deliberations. The Article 9 amendment stipulates “the formation of a public authority that is a legal entity with a supplementary budget entitled (The Public Authority for Labor Force) under the supervision of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor.”
The article adds that the authority “shall have the responsibilities given to the ministry under this law and recruiting expatriate labor upon the request of employers. A law shall be issued to regulate the public authority.”

The Article 10 amendment “prohibits employers from hiring expatriate labor force without the permission of the labor ministry”.

Article 2 of the public authority formation bill says that the authority undertakes the authorities granted to the Labor Ministry in the Private Sector Labor Law (6/2010). It will supervise the expatriate labor force in the private and oil sectors, formulate the procedures to establish labor unions and employer unions and formulate the procedures and rules for work permits and the authority’s fees.

Meanwhile, MP Hussein Al-Qallaf submitted a grilling request against Minister of Communication Salem Al-Uthaina on two proponents — the re-hiring of high-ranking officials after they were investigated and convicted by committees formed at the ministry as well as alleged violations committed at the ministry.
On their part, MPs Saadoun Hammad and Abdullah Al-Tammimi announced they will submit a grilling request against Minister of Oil Hani Hussein on Sunday on five proponents — Kuwait’s deal with Dow Chemical, Kuwait’s project with Shell, recent promotions at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiary companies, the partnership between Kuwait Petroleum International and Israeli fuel company Derek Group and oil refineries.

According to sources, it is estimated that both grilling will be discussed on Feb 19. if the MPs submitter the Oil Minister’s grilling on Sunday.

Moreover, the Assembly assigned the Petitions and Complaints Committee with investigating recent promotions at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiary companies and to provide a report in that regard in three months. The motion was approved by 25 MPs.

Minister of Oil Hani Hussein noted that his ministry had formed a special panel to investigate this issue. Its recommendations will be compulsory, he explained, and urged the lawmakers to wait outcome of its works to avert intersection of jurisdictions.

The Assembly, however, approved a government request to delay for two weeks examination of two motions regarding formation of a panel to determine “the party responsible for the problem of debt defaulting among citizens and the case of termination of service for Bedoun military personnel who had been laid off due to acquisition of fake passports.”

Members of parliament further rejected a proposal to allocate an hour during today’s session to discuss a demonstration witnessed at the Justice Palace during a trial hearing of oppositionist former MP Musallam Al-Barrak in January.

Meanwhile, the Assembly rejected the Public Prosecution’s requests to lift the parliament immunities from MPs Safa Al-Hashem for a press misdemeanor, Nabil Al-Fadhl for a criminal offense and Abdulhameed Dashi for media misdemeanor.

By: Nihal Sharaf Arab Times Staff

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