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Are Expats to blame for jobless Kuwaitis? MP queries report on Syrian girls

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 29: MP Yacoub Al-Sane has submitted a query to the State Minister for Municipality Affairs and State Minister for Cab-inet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah regarding the number of expatriate personnel in the public and private sectors, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
He indicated that the number of Kuwaiti graduates who have registered in the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has reached 19,054, enquiring the reason for the delay in the recruitment of these qualified graduates.

“Does the increasing number of expatriate personnel in the country have any influence in this delay? What is the percentage of expatriates working in governmental and non-governmental sectors?” asked MP Al-Sane.

Meanwhile, MP Nabil Al-Fadhel submitted a query to the First Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud regarding the accuracy of the news report about some charitable societies, which are run by the Brotherhood Movement in Kuwait, exploiting Syrian female orphans who are brought into the country under educational sponsorship.

According to the report, a charitable society had rented two buildings in which it accommodated the Syrian orphan girls. The society, which is affiliated to the Brotherhood Movement, gave clothes and gifts to the girls and the members of the movement taught them religious lessons particularly on obedience and submission to husbands and care of children.

The report revealed that bearded men and youths from the movement began visiting the buildings to choose their wives from the Syrian girls, who were forced into marriage due to their tough circumstances. The marriages were reportedly held in the presence of a representative from the society without a legal marriage official and the marriage contracts were retained by the society.

The report indicated that revelation regarding this matter was obtained when one of the young Syrian girls eloped from her aged husband and explained her circumstances to a particular authority.

“Is there truth in the involvement of the society in such a matter as indicated by the news report? If the answer is no, then provide me with appropriate evidences”, insisted MP Al-Fadhel.
He added, “Did the Ministry of Interior carry out investigations regarding this matter? If so, provide me with a copy of the related investigation file with the results of the investigations. Did the ministry obtain testimonies of the Syrian girls involved in this matter?”
In another development, former minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ahmad Baqer revealed that the ministry had issued a fatwa in the past to ban writing-off of loans or accrued interests, indicating that the best solution to the loan issue is the Needy Fund.
Baqer made this statement when he visited the Legislative Committee in the National Assembly.

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